Securities Brokerage
  • ABCI Securities provides a full range of securities brokerage services, trading local stock, ETF, warrant, CBBC, bonds and securities in other markets. We are planning to extend our services to futures. Catering to investors’ needs, ABCI Securities also offers online stock trading service.
  • Other than cash account, clients can also open margin account with ABCI Securities. We can provide up to 70% financing, enabling our clients to best leverage on the credit facility for higher investment returns. We also offer clients up to 90% financing for new share subscription, ensuring our clients to capture the investment opportunities presented by each IPO.
  • Compared with mainland stock market, the Hong Kong stock market allows investors to do day-trade and share prices movement has no fluctuation limit. Brokerage houses are allowed to provide loans to clients for subscription of new shares.
Business Process
PhoneTransation Place an order with our dealers via toll-free calls
Internet Transation User-friendly internettransationsystem
Order via Bloomberg

Through Bloomberg terminal, institutional clients (e.g. Fund House) stay connected with our institutional sales team and place their order (applicable to institutional investors). 
IPO Financing Provide up to 90 percent financing to clientssubscriningnew shares. The client onlyneedto submitformalapplication and meet the margin requirement. 
Stock Margin Financing  Margin clients can apply for certain financing quota, and usestockesas a collateral.
Research Advice Our research covers macro economy and major stocks in finance, properties, internet, utilities, environmental protection, consumer goods and services sectors.

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