Investment Banking
ABCI is committed to providing a full range of international first-class capital market business services to our distinguished customers, including quality enterprises, financial institutions, and government agencies in China and abroad. ABCI tries to get a better understanding of the customers’ business and development strategy in order to design financing solutions to meet customer needs, and constantly create business value for customers.

Ever since its establishment, ABCI has participated in a number of projects of milepost significance in Hong Kong capital market and has achieved outstanding successful records. ABCI has been widely recognized for providing the best solutions for the customers and has become a loyal strategic partner of many customers for many years.

Our investment banking professionals provide a full range of financing, advisory services such as:
Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on Hong Kong Equity Capital Market
ABCI has structured a high-level sponsor team offering our clients tailor-made solutions for IPO. To meet clients’ financing needs and build a sustainable means of financing for further growth, ABCI provides H-share and red chips public offering service which include:
  • Provide advisory services on mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate restructuring in order to optimizing organizational structure and operational reform of enterprise.
  • Communicate with regulatory agencies in china and abroad.
  • Assist the client to complete IPO approval.
  • Design and conduct public offering scheme.
  • Relying on strong business network ABCI contributes to introduce cornerstone investor and anchor investors into the IPO.
  • Conduct a valuation of the enterprise and try the best to achieve client’s ideal Offer Price.
Debt Refinancing on Hong Kong Equity Capital Market
ABCI provides diversified, relatively fast, and low cost of financing services in the secondary market for listed companies, such as equity placing, rights issue and other flexible combination of financial instruments so that the customers can work with their own situation constantly adjusted according to market conditions and to achieve the target capital structure of enterprises, expanding shareholder base, while also improving the liquidity of the shares.
Financial Advisory
ABCI offers clients a suite of financial advisory services on investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and developing strategy. ABCI also provides comprehensive financial advisory to listed company, including compliance advise service, privatization, debt restructuring.
Debt Financing
ABCI is one of the most active Chinese investment banks in Hong Kong’s debt capital market. We provide a wide range of debt financing solutions to our clients, including investment-grade bonds, high –yield bonds/convertible bonds and panda bond. Our services and products include:
  • Sales, trading and research of both onshore and offshore fixed income products
  • Structured financing and liability management solution
  • Multi-currency debt financing

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