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As a wholly owned subsidiary of ABC, ABC International Holdings Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in November 2009. ABC International Holdings Limited has 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely ABCI China Investment Corporation Limited, ABCI Investment Suzhou Corporation Limited, ABCI Capital Limited, ABCI Investment Management Limited, ABCI Asset Management Limited, ABCI Securities Company Limited, Smart Huge Investments Limited, and 2 holding subsidiaries, namely ABCI Guolian Wuxi Investment Management Company Limited, ABCI Hunan Investment Management Company Limited. The holding company has 8 departments, namely Corporate Affairs Department, Human Resources Department, Treasury & Finance Department, Legal & Compliance Department, Risk Management Department, Internal Audit Department, China Desk Department and Information Technology Department.

Acting as a professional platform for ABC to provide investment banking services, ABCI holds Type 1 (Dealing in Securities), Type 4 (Advising on Securities), Type 6 (Advising on Corporate Finance), and Type 9 (Asset Management) SFC licenses. ABCI provides integrated financial services in Hong Kong, including IPO sponsorship and underwriting, bond underwriting, financial advisory, asset management , direct investment, institutional sales, securities brokerage, securities advisory, ect, and offers a wide range of capital market services on the mainland, except A-share sponsorship.
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  • ABC is one of four largest commercial banks in China with strong capital strength, extensive distribution network and huge clientele base. ABC dominates in banking services to fast-growing county area in China.
  • Drawing on the powerful strength and rich resources of its parent company, ABCI has built close interactions between investment banking and commercial banking, onshore business and offshore business, capital market and monetary market. ABCI upholds the philosophy of seeking a company's value and accompanying a company on path to self-development, profit growth and value creation.
  • As an investment banking business flagship of ABC, ABCI has top-quality professionals, rigorous governance structure and sound management. Based in Hong Kong and supported by the mainland, particularly through close co-operation with mainland branches, ABCI eyes international capital market and provides comprehensive and integrated financial services by drawing on ABC's powerful capital strength, good clientele base, comprehensive financial services and outstanding social reputation.
  • Ever since the founding of our company, our professional team has maintained an expanding pace, our businesses have been developing rapidly, with our services covering major fields of investment banking.
  • ABC has established contacts with a large number of international investors in the process of launching the historical simultaneous dual listing in Hong Kong and Shanghai in July of 2010. As ABC's wholly owned investment banking platform in Hong Kong, ABCI has developed a close partnership with various domestic and overseas investors.
  • Drawing on the powerful strength and vast clientele base of its parent company, ABCI enjoys extraordinary capital strength and extensive network to build client confidence. With a team of global high-caliber accounting and legal qualification professionals, we are familiar with Hong Kong's regulations, and can achieve the perfect solutions for the clients.
  • A comprehensive investment banking platform provides a wide range of financial services and diversified products.
  • An extensive client base helps to locate high-end investors and capital sources locally and globally.
  • A free-flowing capital access enables us to make direct investments and look for appropriate funding channels according to client's demand.

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